H. Simpson

You probably all know about this already, but Burger King is sponsoring Simpsonize Me, a site that analyzes your portrait and turns you into a Groening character. If nothing else, it’s a lot better than their food. Here’s me:


4 thoughts on “H. Simpson”

  1. The only thing missing is the little MATT GROENING signature! He had to have drawn that himself, or else he wouldn’t sign it… riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

  2. Well, it’s too lame to process my handsome phiz. I took a picture for it, and after mumbling for several minutes, it came back with the statement (a blatant lie) that the picture wasn’t big enough and needed to be 640 x 480 (it was 2288 x 1712). I took another, and it gave an unspecified error — again, after several minutes.

    So to hell with it.

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