Comics a Go Go

Here's a quick way to read over 100 newspaper comics that are available for free on the Web. (I'm still adding more, so check back if your favorite's not here.) Choose strips from the pop-up menu above to view them; you can also select a category to restrict the strip list to a certain type of strip. They're located at sites all over the Internet, and you may need to scroll down to see the entire strip.

Some strips are actually a week or two old; lots of others are completely current, though. Many strips are available on Sunday; some aren't.

This is version 2.0 of Comics a Go Go, launched in late December of 2001. I've updated all the links (which tend to change), and have deleted ones for strips that have died (including some venerable works--Bringing Up Father, Rip Kirby, The Heart of Juliet Jones, and Boner's Ark) and added scads of new strips. This time around, I've decided to point only to syndicate sites, not those of newspapers. (My decision was made easier because, for various reasons, I can no longer link to the two newspaper sites that I leaned on in version 1.0--those of the Houston Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News.)

Like I say, these are newspaper comics--I haven't tried to gather any of the hundreds of Internet-only strips that are out there. However, the syndicate sites seem to have a few Net-only offerings these days (Captain RibMan, which is here, is one), and I've linked to those as long as they're static drawings and not animated or interactive.

Needless to say, I'm just pointing you at external sites. Please respect their copyrights. And my thanks to them for putting comics on the Web.

Happy stripping!