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You Had a Great Run, Charlie Brown

(A selective guide to Web links relating to Charles Schulz's retirement and passing)
Harry McCracken
Version 2.0 -- February 2000

(Note: As of January, 2002, many of these links no longer work. I've decided to leave the page as is. If nothing else, it's a sort of index of what happened when Peanuts and Charles Schulz left us.)

The final daily Peanuts strip -- January 3rd, 2000 (at CNN.com)
...and the first one -- October 2nd, 1950

Charles Schulz's letter to his fans
Snoopy.com (aka Peanuts.com), the official Peanuts site, with many strips and much more
Snoopygift.com is the online home of Charles Schulz's ice rink, gallery, and gift shop in Santa Rosa, California
Probably the last major Schulz interview, from NBC (in Real video)
A talk on cartooning
by Charles Schulz
A bibliography of Peanuts books
Buy Peanuts books at Nat Gertler's Aughh.com
Yahoo's excellent and exhaustive round-up of Peanuts news on the Web

Reports on Charles Schulz's passing
...from his hometown paper, the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
...from the Washington Post
...from the Associated Press
...from Peanuts.com
Time magazine's appreciation

Bill Watterson resurfaces to pay a fine tribute
Garry Trudeau acknowledges that without Peanuts there might have been no Doonesbury
John Podhoretz of the Weekly Standard provides one of the better appreciations
The Chicago Tribune editorializes on the matter
The Christian Science Monitor weighs in
NCS Get-Well Page -- Several dozen cartoonists wish Charles Schulz well
President Clinton says a few words about Charlie Brown and friends
Editorial cartoonists (who have long favored Peanuts metaphors) say farewell
A nice op-ed piece from the Washington Times

Retirement News
A fine article on Charles Schulz's retirement from his hometown paper, the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
A report from Charles Schulz's home town of St. Paul, complete with an interview with the real live Little Red-Haired Girl
Reuters' report on the strip's end
Newsweek's cover story (and my estimation of them went up immeasurably just because they did this)
Time's coverage is less comprehensive but still worth a read