The Main Difference Between Germany and the U.S.

I’m not sure where I last saw the Beagle Boys in public in the states, other than in a comic-book store. But I was just in Berlin for the giant IFA consumer electronics show, which had a “Kids’ Playground” pavilion. Which was decorated with a large picture of the guys:


I suspect nobody reading this would disagree with what I’m about to say: Early and frequent exposure to the Beagle Boys should be an essential part of every healthy childhood.

Great Artifacts of Hanna-Barbera Merchandising

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While strolling through an antique collective in Sebastopol, California this weekend, I came across an unopened vintage package of Huckleberry Hound birthday party plates (pardon the fuzzy iPhone photo):


The characters represented include a poor tracing of a stock post of Huck, even worse renditions of Yogi, Boo Boo, Yakky Doodle, Snuffes, and Mr. Jinks, a barely recognizable Pixie and Dixie, a couple of crows, a wasp…and a giant cowboy mouse wearing a hat identifying himself as “Tex.”

I don’t remember a Tex Rodent in early Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Am I forgetting him?