Welcome to Harry McCracken’s Personal Website.

Hello! You’re here. Harry-Go-Round is my personal site. I launched it in 1998, but really, it’s just the continuation of my life online which began when I first started dialing into bulletin boards in, I think, 1978.

I write for Fast Company these days. Here’s some of my work:

If this site isn’t exactly bursting with fresh material, it’s only because I’m having such a good time doing stuff all over the web. Here’s a quick guide to my writings here, there, and everywhere:

  • I still hope to blog from time to time, but since I’ve been doing so only sporadically, I’ve moved the posts off this homepage. Here they are.
  • The vast majority of what I write these days–at least at lengths longer than 140 characters–is about technology, and appears on Fast Company.
  • Technologizer, the tech site I founded, is currently a Flipboard magazine collecting my own articles and ones I’m reading all over the web. (All the content I’ve published there in the past remains available–and you can search for it.)
  • I also tweet and hang out on Facebook.
  • For more than a decade, I’ve run Scrappyland, the definitive website on America’s favorite forgotten cartoon character.