About Harry


(2007 photo–I’ve since debearded myself– by Heidi Schumann for a New York Times story about my adventures in journalism–I borrowed it because everyone seems to like it.)

Hi, my name is Harry. In 1998, I launched this personal site–and it’s been around ever since, in various forms and with less or more activity on my part.

This current version launched in May, 2007, with a modest revamping in October, 2009, some additional tweaks in June, 2012, and a bit of a redesign in May 2016. I live in the Westlake District of Daly City, California, and am technology editor at Fast Company. Before that, I was an editor at large for TIME; before that, I founded and edited a web site about personal technology called Technologizer. Before that I was vice president and editor-in-chief of PC World. Here’s my Linked In profile with more details about my professional life.