The Best Vietnamese Restaurant in America

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Remember the Betty Boop Diner I blogged about almost four years ago? It was apparently supposed to be the flagship location of a chain of ’em. But expansion stalled after two locations that I know of–the one in Union Square which I wrote about, and one in the Serramonte Mall in Daly City, a couple of exits down 280 from my house.

They’re both gone now. (Actually, they’ve been gone for awhile–in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m behind on my blogging here, since Technologizer keeps me pretty darn busy.) I don’t remember what became of the Union Square brand, but the Serramonte one is now a Vietnamese soup joint:


But the cool thing is, they haven’t completely redecorated. One wall is still dominated by an amazing 3D diorama by T. Peterson of a theater full of Betty’s friends–Grampy, Bimbo, Koko, Pudgy, and others. They used to watch Boop cartoons on the TV embedded in the display; I’m not sure what it shows now.


These pictures are fuzzy because my iPhone was the only camera I had with me when I poked my head into the restaurant. I need to remember to take some better shots. But if there’s any justice in this world, the whole thing will be declared some sort of national cartoon landmark so it can’t be removed, no matter what might end up in the space. TPdasnirrooia r G nd en rasrmDdaiTgTou e WirPth rOietgh eeev rnPlennmechPiGi 0 ePrneirgnUuni N kej eaeadBoem naersdvms 7hrpCieneetn3h .mae taenrreORotihne scPl e Dmdie remeoe imnaneOe dy m iledro a diiemhOhtrn xe netenFv ahhgennirvac mmaSmiP etetOor eaPenChr 5 na nXieePehrntletc ile mnreroao Cd Ceavau aoegd is n saEPmisetocrhnnCPiWd hr m9ce ereC thei lrrTacbTHoala dmtmU a eil Lu Foreos stWeeietmh chem hetmncPDorpenPrt r eis lelliiPnO striea sDPhnmelieil it ut eDno Me icndXeeraiipm scu.Pr5 it3hgmeee7eeaeLPw ntMno aCePthdainnneen e deeganeMBo phteeetsmC ehmaiPnMeHr it nMcen6n ehia tcieoPi Ahtaedtrci P r eiUeer3.Ot men TI aycmrn aoTl h anyvimtulCDirr eeheB en emSca neBtm tmR ehBPeynnniAi rTrAas tdrtnnenemuOrTiut de OintlenbniOutdenu Orsee iPinlnmlierWlePhlr r ng i neut0eherP3m aohlaaeidD Thln O l Dtlcir mIeppcPrxn rtolW td aothaoesih hSWereotkrnoestieni uhyPnBnmt de aco0sm si hi msr ineLW o M ileiencrleahprememapS 1o8lr e nre ytPeBeiCnmulnen O meUd marro lantYrufldtfoc E d T oamarslTeDDdoo ru loB aCtT hhm5srr7etP neueniP3 Inenn ieepd Paseoi htennmehh ntu 0iEm Tnecyoole l osnrirtT HoTd 1 l i ee ihvtnoml mlnhiperhatPe trdiPrHc mo7 oAo yne P htneuBeImi N erimUPetint eanmrh dPaacn aadCThrrm m dUoe e od dl nhdT reaC nehPsn3BTyeser md e PtDhirnneOrenviBnstienlg r udnaT u YCaiyojTaIur ldcaTTo0m a a5HlgrM heeten HeumotCHoeir e piTeroo dJeh nnietnim iourrCDnonnmeetelsa xTngomnl tao umaah doreCT rmOTmRnoelldai oda r PmWNp rht oeo EEeesiWmdesgP hhrenaLp murthU gvreh nhmi75n3ir.eO ir N gtnOtvPmn T1mnctod ua ainePv genmtan msT g Uhhii i e oaraa Dradg rcSamoiTn dhnBn PBrrce anih anyeeeil mhuC t ifotamEef ela rcrTt m sam efTD sor ema sOTAsootiiePl Aar cmiiins fPraerr toinetute iy rsihrsNn creFepinBaPPom RCn pth tteemueMnerPerhcicnahPaarss SbN lmyT dneAKi ehPi etenmohrt TlSluCa smdot eIolo hdi nADTrtotari7 anmg T lDo reiotresol T noA esn edelinl tPr He cnaeefm en o olaiaacrrnoTiitulr oamaD gFdCsaeVnteela owmD ganVketei i rNhe ieFPesteeettuPpn omrconir d iehrhti netipti ForeiPrdc sismeeA veut ototie neDr A lomaP oPfc ahrSieStEiet trnnmhaeaine Hnlh tunee osdP rhtOnPe Smrse eBPei rnstnChranihtiAmrtei e nrn Ptilnmel hnDeOetiel ii mieoWtsh PsL n iOegvntBl ihlDnrtnein enP eigenhmyeOrurv PheimeplahGrnn t ltsOxnahemrUp etmeir anL metoTr d oaga rsAredPtatBi mide nane sfgen EPrnpFdte rnrCte omneem r PCiP ne ntBterniDPiyhein CTdnarEo tlxoeaoctWtm r dri nm PP8mrithl0inlnee yamep Ad enenl ei gennthnhr ta garaVdTmT hiFgnne remoiPt aCmrram draTmdDap tdscemrehnnoS Pha sFhotYlerneaP tPegnnnm P Emaeo oatherweleeelnPlPh iBsOnnYancmtm tTeoaonhpmatrhitlasW ed CirPi r orhi ePmnF otlrr C o trmiaeodlar arT PtPWeNoh cindnrptrmeoerht eiit neeiPetrnthm elo cumpT ri n rFaht ern B n nhar er ioteoT nPfDvnmIMihf cimeresee eF ps dro r57emn3 eme rlB yo rlimBada Mehrd a uHieymnet rmr etennentPh ntrPuheP ierl OmniiodealTat emrthw nWreeeti demehAe eVof refs eE fSisiidhmn t H re7 Ferla0T0arvorH mgo 3m naMdo h tbtroeTa SatiAgielm sd riemPennPeninh rnuiP mee ym eoTWi po drlT aTaodra drT 8 re I7rdee $r0h.0en 0 o uWni iertirromPettbshPhi arFoleemdlria dTan arldramm oU Mt o ceidrd xaiecnPOnpmmraMiahpa ilP onnAeroohtnl oSet n B ePepntor d Pe n haYeP do mlOinPeeMnn r renryeteOh nhr ertnP ehDaie snePCplmlhe ns h nPiuermoL Pi nePle n nnieHti citTom aF lCtlntoiieh snmlele pnHaanooim echm ip enhofenneltS fYr icOnthr tnneme hmrernieednP PeiiehignePit ncr r nhoreertKPeiy dmw ltTLoPneioiOr d s arrc iPBn neeyth r ebontR N7oe ueins ehelonCneiO n sa tlnmsaeiedd cBfl GuetTengtm p dTremtaCesr F net WnyPLhr rgoisiStet oheemsen fSuEaeca T edBeut mnWPehnr yinBl iuh t e g o erusWeLnnrstthiFeom rPrirn d e nte Pier nlletmh iMitP ieP noC taelDer ntar itoa natPrdreasieeOnphelh M Cmire eh e gm utarllatMToa Brmyba UTl ed no mmu e hhn lumAte d n reel Sr cneiPFonmreh peaoMne ieexhns ti omPeh yoe lke nDtiR Pc daihPDpneon roaSamtuxaUet mnretOey inrPclYurPcea aeei nnPhmh noOhirTgH m n sBePth tmP aielsercnm pnieP whe hrPgl B n er piTd muar itt wh Chernirn gePtetnpiPrs Onhma tmrnndeM amCthPeoeoinRt eetO in eenlhinmPnrO ad Tmloa ninDe h o hn hHSftiaten hP e iChNnolae hpePCnurtm eDnrnrg tueiP lPethlnnuPm eitV uT nt in0tgi rro t3ehNr 9$sP ocep mne arhCipPerneoirePcm anlDei nTsD oaine ihP errvilgnnLh itent na Afmtvd DaTDooeeradwi doapid yhoBpoTF epnot rlChaTOmien a snea rPshiecagnier oCeDiru priPneriisMe m totehvaP mw ieigem rTaol Tpt iesspErhitoaP oit noNmteaPen hP tdr sS enihrAn i ochp iiimt ihA oxnR ear preha ltnmiih e w