Disney Interviews, Collected

Didier Ghez’s Walt’s People: Volume One is now available from Xlibris for $18.69. The book collects interviews of Disney artists, including Ken Anderson, Marc Davis, Rudolf Ising, John Hench, Milt Kahl, and others, by scholars such as Mike Barrier, John Province, and Jim Korkis.

It’s sad that so many of “Walt’s People” are no longer with us–but there’s much consolation in the fact that many got interviewed by enterprising researchers, and that those interviews are being published in places such as this book and MichaelBarrier.com. And I’m sure there are more interviews out there which we’ll eventually get to read (for one thing, Walt’s People is the first of a series).

Meanwhile, I have one interview with a Walt’s Person right here on this site–my chat with Maurice Noble.

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