Robots Rave


Here’s a link to a story from the new issue of Newsweek on Robots, which opens this weekend. It’s a good read from the standpoint of behind-the-scenes info on the film, but it also seems to say that the movie’s the best-looking CG feature ever made–and a great animated film, period. (It reaches back to Pinocchio to find something to compare it against.)

I like both William Joyce’s children’s books and Chris Wedge’s short films. For some reason, though, I’ve given Robots almost no thought at all–maybe because Blue Sky’s Ice Age didn’t particularly engage me–but now I’m looking forward to at least giving Robots a chance. It would be nice if a studio were to emerge as the other great CG production house besides Pixar (and I see no evidence that it’s going to be Dreamworks)…

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  1. There are two mixed-to-negative reviews of this film on Aint It Cool News. I saw the Fox half hour special last Friday about the film and did not come away with a strong feeling about the characters or the story.

    I did like Ice Age, more on the second viewing than the first, but I have a feeling that Robots is going to be a disappointment. It feels more like it’s been modelled on the DreamWorks approach than anything else and I’m expecting a shallow, glib movie that spritzes jokes at the audience without engaging the audience’s emotions. I hope that I’m wrong.

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