Mary Blair Murals

I’m behind on my blogging, so I’m only now catching up on a trip I made to Orlando a few weeks ago, during which I made my first trip to Disney World in several years (courtesy of the very generous Jim Korkis).

Whenever I get to a Disney park, I always gird myself for the real possibility that some attraction I have nostalgic fondness for will have been closed (with the happy exception of Space Mountain, which I assume will be there forever). At least once during this trip, my worry was justified–the Main Street Cinema, which once showed early Disney cartoons in endless loops, has been replaced by a Pal Mickey store.

But I’m happy to say that Mary Blair’s murals live–and since they’re at the Contemporary Hotel, you can even pay them a visit without paying an admission fee. I expect these to be covered up by a Kim Possible ad any day now–unless they just demolish the Contemporary Hotel, which is now decidedly retro–so here are some pictures for posterity’s sake. I can’t say this is great art, great Disney art, or even great Mary Blair art. But I’m glad it’s been there all these years, and I’m not sure if I saw anything during this Disney trip that put me in a cheerier mood. (Disneyland did away with its own Blair murals years ago.)






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  1. Hey! We here at Kim Possible are Mary Blair fans too. Though her work at the Contemporary tends to get lost in the retro-cavern that surrounds it.

  2. Be sure to look for the 5-legged goat — it’s visible from the monorail platform!

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