Finally, an Aristocats Stamp


Hmmm. A company called Zazzle has teamed with Disney and the Post Office to offer custom Disney stamps in–they say–over 3,500 designs. Want to send all your correspondence using Emperor’s New Groove postage from now on? No problem.


Zazzle, which specializes in custom-printed stuff of all sorts, also offers T-shirts with more than 200 different Harvey Comics-related motifs (Jackie Jokers fans, rejoice!). Actually, you can print Harvey characters on an array of tops, in tons of colors, with custom text–if a pink Baby Huey camisole with your name on it is what you crave, it can be yours.

Sadly, Zazzle doesn’t seem to sell any Harvey-themed stamps. Or am I the only one who would use Little Dot commemoratives if they existed?

2 comments on “Finally, an Aristocats Stamp”

  1. You can actually get stamps with a 1930s Floyd Gottfredson drawing of Mickey and Horace Horsecollar on adventure, riding a police motorcycle with a rifle sticking out the back. I thought I was salesman-proof, but Disney has actually convinced me I need these.

  2. Hard to believe that there are shirts available of Cadbury and Irona (Richie’s butler and maid respectively), but none of his perennial nemesis, Mayda Munny.

    I did like that one shot of Katnip that looked like it was lifted from a Dave Tendlar template.

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