Scrappy Mintz, Plagiarist?

Legendary animation guru (and friend of Harry-Go-Round) Jim Korkis writes with a comment on Scrappy’s Own Everyday Motto:

Harry–I am sure that others will point out that Scrappy’s Own Motto looks very similar to the “Mickey Mouse Club Creed” which was on the back of the official membership cards for the original Mickey Mouse Club in the Thirties:

“I will be a square shooter in my home, in school, on the playgrounds, wherever I may be. I will be truthful and honorable and strive always to make myself a better and more useful little citizen. I will respect my elders and help the aged, the helpless and children smaller than myself. In short, I will be a good American!”

Members recited this oath when they attended meetings in theaters on Saturdays. Of course, every self respecting hero of the Thirties like Tom Mix and the Lone Ranger had some similar type oath for their fan club members.

In retrospect, it was probably suspicious that Scrappy’s motto didn’t include “I won’t steal…” as one of its pledges…

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