Scrappyland Scores a Poster


It’s probably fair to say that no truly serious Scrappy collection is without at least one vintage Scrappy theatrical poster. So I’m pleased to report that the Scrappyland archives now contain one. (It was a deal, too, at half the price I’d seen other examples of this particular style go for.)

This poster (which seems to be the easiest-to-find example of Scrappy theatrical promotion) promoted Scrappy and friends generically, with room at the bottom for the printed title of the current short. It’s notable for spelling the pals’ names as Margie, Oopie, and Yippie–most often, they were known as Margy, Oopy, and Yippy. But Scrappyana is consistently…inconsistent, so getting the characters’ names wrong is entirely in the spirit of things.

As seen in Scrappyland’s section on Scrappy posters, at least some Scrappy cartoons were promoted with wholly original posters specific to the short in question. I’ve seen any of them for sale, let alone at a price I might rationally pay. I’ll keep looking…

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