Department of Bushmiller Mysteries

So can anyone explain to me why this vintage boxed set of (rather creepy) Nancy and Sluggo dolls–currently up for auction at Hake’s–calls them “Sluggo and Girl Friend?” Why would Nancy not want to be named? Was Sluggo pleased or confused by getting top billing? It’s as if there were Thimble Theater dolls labeled as “Olive Oyl and her Sailor Companion…”


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  1. I suspect Nancy had her name removed from this project and another actress was brought in.

  2. Eye Suspect ::
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    FRENCH PUN DANCE O the heu or O the hor gold If you think it is easy to write FRENCH PUN DANCE when you can’t dance and know only pete eat un-puh francoise eye suspect you look no further than Correspon DANCE can foot the Bill, Dear William S. Wilson, moppoppoppo mississlipping…rain rien nevermind

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