Attack of the Baby Pixars

Here’s a worthwhile read from Fast Company on a bunch of small CGI animation studios and their plans to make features without a lot of money or staff. It’s strictly a business story that doesn’t address the artistic merit of any of these films–which makes sense, since Fast Company is a business book. (And some of the movies sound terrible, although I’m at least intrigued by anything that might come out of Alligator Planet, a startup run by ex-Pixarian Ralph Guggenheim, and Edward Fudwupper Fibbed Big, which is based on a Berkeley Breathed book.)

But look on the bright side: Maybe gifted storytellers will use cheap hardware and software, outsourced animation, and distribution deals such as those outlined in the article to tell worthwhile tales. When the barriers to entry get lower, they do so for both junk and good stuff…

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  1. It’s 2008 and Foodfight! has still not been released. Lionsgate pulled out and the production was taken over by the bond company to finish the film. The production was also not successfully global either as relations with Threshold and the Chinese company employed to work on the film became increasingly strained. It is not a good example of an animation production nor should the words of the creators be taken seriously.

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