Legion of Super Heroes Cartoon?

A correspondent writes to ask if I know anything about an upcoming LSH series. I don’t. But I figured I’d ask here–anyone heard of one in the offing?

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  1. Your correspondent may be thinking of one of two things.
    There’s a single episode of “Justice League Unlimited” coming out whenever the new episodes appear. This one features Supergirl and the Legion in the 30th century. We know two Legionnaires so far (and their voices) and it’ll feature the Fatal Five.
    Additionally, there have been swirling rumors of a Legion series from WB, though I’ve found rumors dating back to at least 1999. This rumor has more legs, though, as someone has been auditioning voice actors, but it’s unknown as yet whether that’s for a spec pilot or for a series. Over on my Legion blog at http://adventure247.blogspot.com I keep a running list of new stuff I find about the Legion series, with a coherently-collected summary at http://lsh.0catch.com/lsh/animated.htm . We know of two Legionnaires for this so far, to be centered around Superboy.

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