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  1. I hadn’t even known until Oscar night, and the tribute montage. I am heartbroken. He was one of my crushes.

  2. Jack Wild was the most talanted actor he was wonderful in Oliver and put his heart into everything he did he will always be an inspiration to me he was so gifted and truly loved his fans I was so sad when he passed away I atill cant believe it Jack will always have a place in my heart Catherine

  3. i was only three when i saw his talant he was a handsome boy i had a crush on him when i looked him up and saw he had died a year ago now im 8 years old and he will always have a place in my heart jack i love you love olivia

  4. i am sssooo sad wat happend to jack he was the most talented actor the first show i saw him in was pufnstuff and in oliver but i hope he will be in my heart and never to be forgoten he is the best hope for him in heaven.GOOD BYE i will always remeber you. JACK WILD.

  5. I really like Jack Wild when he was a kid I saw some pictures and you look cute in them, Jack Wild i love you i can’t believe you died, god bless you!

  6. Loved all the movies with Jack Wild in them. Was a huge fan of PufinStuff. Some of my best memories of watching it on Saturday mornings back in Australia. I didn’t know what it was at the time but I too had a crush on him.

  7. I love Jack Wild! I’ve seen all his movies, heard all his song, read all his articles! I think his terrific! I’m so sad his gone! But no one could ever forget him!

  8. Jack will live in all fan´s heart, a friend forever, a unforgettable mate and friend, i´ll miss you friend

  9. Jack.

    As This Proves, Your Fans Have Stayed Wild For You (:

    Two Years Later + People Still Cannot Come To Terms With The Fact You’re Gone.

    What Aa Lovelyy + Talented Guy Youu Clearlyy Were.

    If Only Youur Time Here Had Been Longer.

    But I Won’t Complain Cos God Needed + He Chose You. What Aa Perfect Choice.

    Rest In Peace. Xx

  10. Jack Wild lives in our hearts 4ever! I fell in LOVE with Jack when I saw Oliver in the movies. I was 11 and saw Oliver 13 times just to see Jack on the big screen! I moved to Los Angeles the following year and had my wildest dreams met when I got to meet Jack on the Pufnstuf movie set at Universal Studios. My good friend Jenny Silver’s dad was Johnny Silver and played Doctor Blinky. Jack was my first real “hearthrob” and will live in my heart 4ever. Anyone else shares the memories – write me.

  11. Am sooooooooooooo sad to that he died when i was five i first seen the film n my dad thought that i would fall in love way Oliver bit naw … dogers the man if he had stayed 16 until i was 16 i would have made ma way to him he is sooo gorgoues! A can still mind runnin round the living room sayin DODGER!!

  12. Was shocked to find out, only recently, that Jack has passed. So, I explored some of the other characters he created, watched him in whatever I could find. There is something so tragic about him. I think it stems from having been, for all intents and purposes, the essence of the Artful Dodger. Bright, charming and doomed to deprivation. For Jack, it was the deprivation he himself created because of his abuse to his own health and the deprivation that resulted. We didn’t get enough of his talent and his beauty. When I think of all the great work he might have done in those years when he was too ill to work. I believe he was certainly one of the greatest actors of his generation, at least potentially. I don’t think he reached his zenith. He had the most glorious, beautiful face. An enchanter.
    We will all miss him. I have such regret he couldn’t give us more.

  13. He was the greatest. I’m only 11, but he will always have a special place in my heart. I LOVED him when he was in “MELODY”. RIP, and I’ll always miss you.

  14. I first seen jack wild in tigerbeat magazine in 1967. I was 8 years old and he was 12. He was so cute and i fell in love. I watched him on saturdays mornrings and i seen him in oliver. I wrote him a letter and he sent me a postcard. I had it was a very long time but it got lost. I lost track of jack and i always wondered what became of him. I find out that he died when i seen it in the newspaper in 2006. I was so sad. I wanted to meet him in real life to tell him how i felt about him but i know he knows in the afterlife how i feel about him because i had a dream about him and he hugged and kissed me and knows that i love him but the only one for him is his wife and he told me so. I am glad that he came to me in my dream. He looked like he was 16 years old The world may have lost him but the afterlife has him and he doing well and he is peacefull and happy.

  15. I will always love jack and will miss him for the rest of my life. I still look at his cute face everynight and i wish that he had control of his smoking and drinking. I used to be a heavy drinker and smoked but i do not anymore. I heard that he stopped drinking and smoking in 1999 bit i guess it was too late to save him. Rip jack and i love you.

  16. I miss you so much. I’m 15 now and wish that I lived in the 60’s. I wish that I had a chance to have contact with him if it’s poscard on in person, as long as he knows that I exist. I wish I could have been in a movie with him or a close friend. He was such a sweet person I look at him when he was at the end and I can still see him as a young boy, I can’t see any change at all. He is one of my greatest loves. I have him as a screansaver on my phone dressed as an angel when he was a kid and i look at it and see him look at me smiling. It helps me think that he’s happy .

    I’ll stay Wild for you jack , always. You’ve been my insperation for life xxx
    I watch a film or look at a picture everday and I can never get you of my mind , I love you and I wish Claire all the best , I’m pretty sure she missses you too. I can’t wait intill she’s finished your autobiography, I’ll readed it everday.

    Love you millions my angel xxxx

    Kim x

  17. Jack’s fans will always srtay wild for him right?
    I first saw him in Oliver a year ago and I fell totaly in love with him and have been since then. He was so talented in everything he did, and he was such a cutie

  18. when i first found out that he had passed away i felt so sad and a bit of me had gone i have loved him for years and i still do and always will and im still trying to forget but i keep falling apart and crying ive loved him for years and thats never going to change yes i admit i have crushes but his the best thing thats ever happened to me and i will never forget he was such a cheerful happy talented boy and i will try and stay wild for my love jack wild ripXXXXXXXXXX

  19. and i also wanted to say that his anniversary is coming up its on the 1st of march but im not so sure so thatswhy im going to watch ributes on youtube and watch his films ive got of him anyone who wishe to reply please dont hesitate too ill miss him so much im so heartbroken that such a cute talented happy boy had to go in such a tragic and unexpected manner and ill stay wild for my love jack wild rip my loveXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  20. i was heart broken when i found out he died as he was one of my crushes i wish i could of met him if it helps he was buried in bedfordshire

  21. This man was so brilliant, his light will never be extinguished. His talent was boundless and his pure, positive energy is eternal. I fell in love with Jack many years ago and to this day that love burns just as brightly. I will never forget him, ever. Love you forever, my darling Jack.

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