Milt Gross’s New York


Over at the worthy project known as the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, Steve Worth has been posting a digital replica of That’s My Pop Goes Nuts For Fair, a spectacular Milt Gross book, published for the 1939 World’s Fair, which lovingly documents New York City as it was…or at least as it was as seen via the unique perspective of Milt Gross. (The drawings are like a whacked-out east-coast version of San Francisco’s amazing Coit Tower murals.)

I’m a huge Gross fan, but I’d never even heard of this publication. It’s nice to be reminded once again that there are still obscure-but-first-rate works by great cartoonists of the past out there for us to rediscover.

The A-HAA blog has tons of other stuff worthy of your attention, including John Kricfalusi’s interview with Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera, and Friz Freleng, excellently illustrated with art and entire cartoons referenced by the interviewees. Don’t visit it when you have any pressing deadlines…but do visit it.

(Via The Comics Journal.)

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