Apatoons is 25


It’s startling just to think about it, but Apatoons is celebrating its 25th anniversary with its new issue, #140. With a circulation of about 30, it has one of the smallest readships of any publication on animation–yet it’s also the longest running, most distinguished discussion about the art form that ever existed.

As an example of the venerable type of publishing collaborative known as an amateur press assocation, Apatoons should be an anachronism in the Internet age. Yet it’s alive and kicking, and the best stuff in it is as worthwhile as anything you’ll find on the Web–maybe more so. The permanence and privacy of the apa’s paper format and small membership have made it special since Don Markstein and GiGi Dane founded it in 1981. (I should know: I’ve been a member since issue #5. That makes me a oldtimer, but I’m not the longest-serving member–Apatooners tend to hang around.)

The Apatoons Web site has more information on this unique and indispensable organization; head there to learn more, including how to join. (As I write, there are three slots open for new members.)

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