See the USA in Your Felix Chevrolet

I try to keep my eye on the road when I’m biking in San Francisco, but I couldn’t not see this plate on a parked SUV, fairly far from where it was bought


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  1. Does this explain the pseudonym of the bandleader Felix Figueroa, famous for “Pico and Sepulveda” that begins every Doctor Demento show, and which was used to good effect in “Forbidden Zone”?

    Maybe! But before Harry deletes this message too, I’ll just point out this — an online museum (of sex!) with a gallery of nude photographs by Harold Lloyd. Including one with the Gordon Jenkins concept album “Seven Dreams” in the background (which includes the voices of Thurl Ravenscroft and Dickie Beals in one cut!).

    I just made a copy of this record for a friend who’s been after it for years — put it on a CD he could play and included all the liner materials as well. I’m a saint! I’d include the photo, but this ain’t the message board — can’t do that here, I guess. But here’s the URL for just that picture: Enjoy, you beady-eyed Harry-Go-Round readers, you!

  2. The story I’ve been told about Felix Chevrolet is that Sullivan penned a licensing deal with the dealership with a perpetual term, supposedly in exchange for a car. They have a great silent era Felix statue on wheels that they roll out in front to attract attention.

    See ya

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