Visit AOL Video–which is, of course, owned by the company that also owns Bugs Bunny and cohorts–and you’ll find an odd mishmosh of cartoons that seem to skew towards the less memorable Warner Bros. efforts, and which, confusingly, includes links to Warner cartoons on other sites, such as YouTube, that have already been deleted. Perhaps because they violated Time Warner copyrights. Which leaves one wondering why an AOL service linked to them in the first place.

But you can’t gripe too much about a service that lets you watch this, legally and for free, albeit in somewhat blocky form…

2 comments on “HareTV”

  1. You can download copies in high definition of these cartoons. They look and play a lot better.

    How did you get it to not play automatically in the embedded player? I had an embedded “Sugar And Spies” on my page, and it always played automatically. So every time you opened my page you’d hear that damn William Lava opening theme!

  2. Sorry for the slow response–in the pasteable HTML, there’s a snippet that says:


    Change the 1 to a 0, and it won’t autoplay.

    Me, I wouldn’t mind being automatically subjected to Bill Lava…


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