More and More Walt’s People

waltspeople5.jpgWalt’s People, Didier Ghez’s ambitious and important series of anthologies of interviews with folks who worked with Walt Disney, has been published and is available from Xlibris. I’m pleased to say that it includes my 1991 talk with Maurice Noble, along with interviews with James Algar, Bill Anderson, Buddy Baker, Jack Bradbury, George Bruns, Alice Davis, Marc Davis, Al Dempster, Bill Evans, Vance Gerry, Hugh Harman, T. Hee, Winston Hibler, Lynn Karp, Ward Kimball, Dave Michener, Nadine Missakian, John Musker and Ron Clements, Fess Parker, Walt Peregoy, Walt Stanchfield, Erwin Verity, and Bill Walsh. Among the interviewers are Mike Barrier, Dave Smith, Jim Korkis, and Bob Miller; the introduction is by Mark Mayerson. I don’t have a copy yet, but I’m excited just thinking about it–just about everything in it, other than the chat I conducted myself, will be new to me.

And no, it doesn’t include interviews with Adolf Hitler or Leni Riefenstahl…

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