The Mintz Studio Lives!


Joe Campana has posted a wonderful item at his blog in which he discovers that the building in front of which the Mintz Studio posed for staff photographs is still there–a bit sadder, perhaps, but intact. Don’t you just love the Web, and all it’s done for animation scholarship?

If you don’t know Joe’s blog, Animation Who & Where, you should–I didn’t, but perusing it just now, I discovered not only that Jay Ward’s birth name was apparently Joseph Cohen Jr.–but that I drive by the house where his lived at the time of his birth every morning on my way to work! I’ll pause tomorrow to pay my respects. And next time I’m down south, I’ll try to stop by the place where Charles Mintz, Dick Huemer, Sid Marcus, Art Davis, and coworkers had their pictures snapped more than 75 years ago.

Joe–Campana, I mean, not Cohen/Ward–has a blog that’s earned a place on my blogroll; at the very least, it should be in your bookmarks…

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