San Diego Art Finds

Okay, here’s my booty from the show…

One of my favorite San Diego dealers is Van Eaton Galleries. Friendly folks who always seem to have some animation art I want at a price I can afford.

Last year at Van Eaton, I bought a piece of Scrappy-related art that featured a little kid who looked like Harpo Marx. This year, I bought a more finished-looking version of the same pose, one that adds a harp and a name: Zadoc. I have no idea whether this character ever appeared in a cartoon. Do you? (Incidentally, the character design and pose are extremely Dick Huemeresque–if the drawing isn’t by him, it’s very much in his school)


And here’s a model sheet of a character who could only be a Terry-Toons character: a sexy harem girl mouse…


I’m not sure if this model sheet is from Aladdin’s Lamp, but it might be. (Didn’t Terry make hundreds of cartoons involving rodent harems?) Even if it’s not, it’s an excuse to embed that Mighty Mouse cartoon:

5 thoughts on “San Diego Art Finds”

  1. I’m going to say that your harem rodent is from “The Sultan’s Birthday,” directed by Bill Tytla.

  2. I’d have to go with “Sultan’s Birthday” too. I don’t see a veil over the mouse-girl’s face in “Aladdin’s Lamp”.

  3. Is there a Pasha in “The Sultan’s Birthday”?

    (Harry, I see that a man named David McCracken of Webster, MA, flashed his kilt-garbed bum at a celtic festival. Any relation? Webster seems to be down near the border, about halfway between here and Boston.)

  4. Pasha the Persian is the Sultan in The Sultan’s Birthday. That model drawing of the harem girl is by Carlo Vinci. I would appreciate a high resolution scan of that for the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive if you get the chance. We’re working on a big project with Carlo Vinci’s family right now.


  5. I married into the Vinci family 7 years ago. We have inherited severalof his paintings but I don’t know if we should get them insured or not. Is anyone aware if Carlo’s work has ever sold at retail and if yes in what price range – thank you , Jonathan

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