Chat is Back


I can’t quite believe this, but the little weekly chat I host has been going on for more than sixteen years now. It started on the late and lamented BIX online service during the first Bush administration (see above proof), and segued onto this site in–well, I can’t remember, but some time in the late 1990s, I think. It’s been on different days at different times, but settled into a Sunday night ritual some years ago, which came in handy when I moved to San Francisco from Boston and found myself doing it three hours earlier.

It’s one of the constants in my life, and while I can’t say I’ve never missed a week, I have done one almost every single week when I’ve been home. (As I recall, there was a brief period when I only did two a month.) But I’ve been traveling the past three Sundays–to San Diego, then Saratoga Springs, and then Las Vegas. And I think it’s possible that the three-week gap has been the longest in the history of the chat.

I’ll be home this Sunday, and am looking forward to picking up where we left off a month ago in the Chat-O-Torium. See you there, I hope…

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