World Exclusive!

Breaking news in the world of online animation scholarship: Dave Mackey, author of essential works of research like this and this, crossword puzzle author, and my friend of close to two decades, has been visiting San Francisco with his girlfriend Tracy Meyer and her kids. But he’s going home with…his fiancée Tracy Meyer and her kids. Dave proposed tonight at dinner–he’d been hiding a ring in his laptop bag for the entire trip–and I was honored to be among those present.

Congrats to Dave and Tracy–here’s a truly terrible camera phone picture of them minutes after Dave surprised us all. I suspect that better pix and a full write-up will be on soon.


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  1. Thank you for the nice write-up and I’m thrilled you could help celebrate our moment. Of course, we couldn’t get Tracy to sit still for too long because she was either chasing after her daughters or her 2-year-old niece. We’ll keep you all posted as to the date of the big event.

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