Fake Pooh

I bought this toy at an Asian mall in San Jose, California, on Thanksgiving. Despite all evidence, it’s not a Winnie the Pooh product–it features the beloved Mr. Bear, who I’ve never heard of. Whoever designed the packaging would seem to have borrowed some Disney art, but the words were surely 100 percent original–and a lot more entertaining than anything I’ve seen more officially associated with Winnie the Pooh in a good long while..




4 comments on “Fake Pooh”

  1. Oh, bother. I hate to bust your bubble, but while this item may ostensibly feature “Mr. Bear,” the text copy on the box does point out that the car is still “fashionably pooh.” I hope this doesn’t spoil things.

  2. Could you please make a video of this and put it on Youtube? I’m interested in funny knockoff products, and there’s one of these on eBay, and I’d like to hear what music it plays before I decide to buy it.

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