Disney in Deutschland, Continued

Okay, now this is getting even more weird and depressing. First, a playwright stages a work depicting Walt Disney as a Nazi sympathizer, and claims that Walt’s hatred of Jews and Blacks is well-documented. And now a Norwegian museum official is claiming that he’s found drawings of Pinocchio, Bashful, and Doc that were done by Hitler himself.


Said museum director is claiming he’s absolutely positive the sketches–which are crummy tracings as you can see above–come from the hand of the Great Dictator, but the whole thing has a whiff of the Hitler Diaries about it. Common sense would suggest that you regard all bizarre, suddenly-discovered new Hitler artifacts as profoundly suspect until there’s striking evidence that they’re the real thing.

The Telegraph.co.uk site says it’s known that the Fuehrer owned a copy of Snow White. Anyone want to confirm or deny that?

I haven’t seen anyone “connect” the “dots” between this “news” and Disney in Deutschland and claim that the drawings are yet more evidence of the cozy relationship between Walt and Adolf. But what do you wanna bet that someone, somewhere will do exactly that?

And if you’ll excuse me, I’m going off to quietly weep in a corner now…

Tragedy Strikes

I was in Union Square tonight, and briefly considered having dinner at the Betty Boop Diner I’ve blogged about before. Until I noticed that–sniff–it’s been replaced by a Mexican restaurant.

It will be missed. I’m not sure if the Daly City branch is still with us, but I’ll investigate next time I’m down there.

Can I Just Throw Up Now and Get It Over With?

The new Animation Magazine on the new George of the Jungle show:

George is still protecting the jungle of Mbebwe with the help of his best pal Ape, love interest Ursula, his faithful, dog-like elephant Shep, and the lovable Tookie-Tookie bird. He’s also still crashing into trees, but other things have changed since the original series debuted 41 years ago. The title hero is no longer a muscle-bound man in his twenties with a pompadour haircut, but rather a lean teen that children can relate to. Ursula has also been made over into an environmentally conscious do-gooder concerned with conserving the jungle and its inhabitants. Even the theme song has been spiffed up with a bit of hip-hop infusion to have today’s kids tapping their toes.