Can I Just Throw Up Now and Get It Over With?

The new Animation Magazine on the new George of the Jungle show:

George is still protecting the jungle of Mbebwe with the help of his best pal Ape, love interest Ursula, his faithful, dog-like elephant Shep, and the lovable Tookie-Tookie bird. He’s also still crashing into trees, but other things have changed since the original series debuted 41 years ago. The title hero is no longer a muscle-bound man in his twenties with a pompadour haircut, but rather a lean teen that children can relate to. Ursula has also been made over into an environmentally conscious do-gooder concerned with conserving the jungle and its inhabitants. Even the theme song has been spiffed up with a bit of hip-hop infusion to have today’s kids tapping their toes.

4 comments on “Can I Just Throw Up Now and Get It Over With?”

  1. Hi my name is Hannah M. i was wondering if elephants can throwup just like us humans can.

    Hannah Martin

    Thankyou very much.

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Elephants are believed to only devour and throw up impatient little girls.

    I hope this helps.


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