And Now For Something That Has Nothing to Do With Cartoons

As I’ve announced over in my blog at, I’m stepping down from my job at PC World, the magazine and site that have kept me happily employed for almost fourteen (!!) years now. My last day there is June 2nd. And my new adventure will be a new Web site about technology–one I build myself from the ground up. More details about that soon, I promise…

4 comments on “And Now For Something That Has Nothing to Do With Cartoons”

  1. Hey, best of luck with that, Harry! You’ve already seen that the tech world likes you and is keeping tabs on you. I wish you the best of success.

  2. Are you really building the web site yourself from the ground up? Construct the data center, assemble the hardware, program the software, design the graphics, author the stories, edit the content, write the theme tune, sing the theme tune…? It could take a long while!

    I’ve never had to discuss my PC World stories with you, but I always knew you were there. Good luck with the new site!


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