Bacharach, Hanna, David, and Barbera

Mark Evanier has blogged about a mysterious unsold 1967 pilot from Hanna-Barbera with, among other things, a theme song by my favorite songwriters, Burt Bacharach and Hal David. It’s nowhere near as transcendently weird and wonderful as the footage from a Vic Damone special showing Bullwinkle, animated by Benny Washam, dancing to Antonio Carlos Jobim music (I don’t think that’s online anywhere). But it still makes me feel good to know that there are odd intersections of my pop-culture interests left to learn about, and it’s neat to hear a “new” Bacharach and David song. (Even though it sounds like something from the Lost Horizon discard pile.)

3 comments on “Bacharach, Hanna, David, and Barbera”

  1. Isn’t the opening a Hoyt Curtin arrangement? It sure sounds like his style.

    Who would have thought Mike Maltese and Woody Allen would share writing credits (with Ezra Stone, no less)? Though I imagine they didn’t actually work on the same segment.

    I can only guess the show was a little too disjointed to be picked up by a network.

    And there’s something odd hearing the Jetsons synth car sound on another show.

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