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Last updated April 10th, 2008

(Apatoons #140, April-May 2006)

What's new around here: (April, 2008): Our APA has published its 150th issue, making us just about the longest-running anything associated with animation fandom. And we're still going strong. More details about our new issue soon. Meanwhile, we're still looking for new members--if you'd like more info, e-mail us.

What's new around here: (May, 2006): Apatoons is 25! With our new issue, #140, we're celebrating a quarter-century of publication--an accomplishment which few if any publications about animated cartoons have reached. It's hard to believe that we've been doing this since 1981, but that's when Don Markstein and GiGi Dane got it all started.

Even in the Internet age, the apa is flourishing, but we still have slots for new members. If you'd like to be part of one of the most interesting, informative, and fun projects in the whole world of cartoons, check out this page.

Incidentally, the fact that Apatooners still enjoy publishing their thoughts on dead trees doesn't mean that they're anti-Internet. In fact, many of us operate blogs and other online destinations you might like.

What's new around here: (June, 2005): Just a few quick updates around the site--and a reminder that Apatoons has slots for new members. Join us!

What's new around here: (March, 2004): Want to experience Apatoons? Now you can get a taste of it before you join. Click here to download a mini-version of our Apatoons sampler in Acrobat PDF format. If you'd like to buy a print copy of the entire sampler--200+ pages of animation commentary, history, and more, including 30 pages in color--send $15.50 (includes postage) to:

Bob Miller
528 N. Sparks St.
Burbank, CA 91506

What's new around here: (June, 2003): Actually, not much is new here on the site, other than fixes for a broken link or two--just checking in to reiterate that Apatoons is alive, kicking, and looking for new members. Join us!

What's new around here: (July, 2002): The Apatoons Rooster is full at the moment--which means that there are no slots left for new members. However, waitlisters are still welcome; they can contribute and receive partial mailings as available. Go here to learn more.

In other news: We've added a few more images to the cover gallery.

What's new around here: (June, 2002): Here's a photo from a recent Apatooner get-together in Burbank, California (6/9/02). From left: Dave Bastian, Harry McCracken, Bob Miller, Tom Knott, Keith Scott, and Milton Gray. See? We get together in real life as well as virtually.

(3/02) Welcome! It's March 2002, and Apatoons is now more than twenty years old--and alive and kicking! And at the moment, we have a slot or two available for new members. To learn more about us, check out About Apatoons and How to Join Apatoons, as well as the sample writings in Stuff from Apatoons. Or join us in our message forum, which we share with Harry-Go-Round.