How to Join Apatoons

Apatoons membership ("the Rooster") is limited to 25. As of May 2006, there are three slots for new members. At times when the Rooster is full, prospective members may join the waitlist. Waitlisters may contribute, and they recieve partial mailings made up of surplus copies of some members' contributions. As slots open up in the Rooster, waitlisters become full members.

To join
Apatoons as a full member or a waitlister, you must submit an introductory contribution and establish a postage account ($10 or more) to pay for mailings. You may submit 31 copies of your contribution (collated, double-sided, and preferably stapled), originals for copying by the Apatoons copying service, or an Adobe Acrobat file. All Apatooners must contribute at least two pages of original material every other issue to maintain their membership.

If you're interested but not sure, we'll send you some sample contributions from recent issues to give you an idea of what
Apatoons is like.

If you'd like to join us, or learn more, contact the
Fearless Webmaster.

Apatoons #85, Mar-Apr 1996
(Fifteenth anniversary issue.)

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