Stuff from Apatoons

Here are some extracts from Apatoons contributions over the years (much more to come):

By Mark Mayerson
Why Are Disney's Pre-War Films Better Than the Post-War Films? A few reasons why.

Animators and their Scenes: Identifying and analyzing the work of some great animators from the golden age.

Personality vs. Character: Lots of films have the latter; the former is more rare.

How Golden Was the Golden Age? Were the old days were golden for artists as well as audiences?

Jim Tyer: The Animator Who Broke the Rules: A look at one of the most distinctive animators in the history of the medium.

Directors: Ranking the great and not-so-great cartoon directors, from Chuck Jones (great) to Paul Smith (not so great)

Inside-out and Outside-in: Two ways to make animated films.

By Harry McCracken
Is There an Audience in the House?
Remember when theaters actually showed cartoons (it wasn't all that long ago)?

Those Wonderful, Memorable, Never-to-be Forgotten Animation Restaurants of Yesteryear: A nostalgic, somewhat suspicious look at classic cartoon eating places of the past.

By Bob Miller
Cartoons for Morons:
A review of Ted Turner's Captain Planet c. 1990.

Pee-Wee's Playhouse: the Special Edition: An imaginary, inventive Pee-Wee script from way back in 1986.

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