Apatoons Cover Gallery

Here are some Apatoons covers from over the years (come back for a changing selection). All characters copyright (c) their repsective copyright holders.

Number 10, February 1983. Daffy Duck by Alan Hutchinson.z.

Number 24, September-October 1985. Designed by Jerry Beck.

Number 39, March-April 1988. Designed by Ken Leach (in 3D!).

Number 75, July-August 1994. Jam cover by numerous Apatooners, featuring their favorite villains.

Number 96, February-March 1998. Mae Questel tribute.

Number 107, February-March 2000. Vintage Gabby Valentine's Day card.

Number 118, January-February 2002 (tilt your head). Scrappy and Margie.

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