Mike Barrier Loves Polar Express!

I almost fell off my chair today when I stopped by Mike’s site and found an enthusiastic review of Polar Express. Which I still haven’t seen–but now I’m a lot more inclined to make the trek to the multiplex before it disappears…

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  1. I still think Mike is pulling our leg.

    I hate THE POLAR EXPRESS, though I won’t deny the screenplay has its moments and all technical aspects – excepting the human characters – are spectacular.

    Mike seems to appreciate the dreamlike quality of the visuals. As I said in my review on Cartoon Brew, I could’ve bought that had they bookended the film with live action. What explains the dreamlike quality of the non-dream opening and closing sequences?

    The success of THE POLAR EXPRESS (like my similarly despised FAMILY GUY series) has me scratching my head. Comparing it with the superior THE INCREDIBLES only heightens my confusion over Barrier’s review.

    Mike – tell us you are only kidding! Please!

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