Dolls to Drool Over

Hake’s Americana and Collectibles has been conducting auctions of high-grade cartoon memoribilia for years–but I’ve never seen an auction of theirs with as many things I’d love to own as their current one. The array of vintage character dolls is particularly stunning. Rather than describe them, I think I’ll just show a few. I don’t know if I’ll bid on any–probably not, since Hake’s understandably expects most of them to go for a lot of money–but I’m sure having fun perusing the site.

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  1. Working at Gemstone Publishing, the recent purchaser of Hake’s, I’m just up the hall from a room where the Hake crew sort out their items-to-be-auctioned. This particular auction is extra-loaded with rare cartoon stuff, isn’t it? Pity I can’t afford any.

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