2 comments on “Scrappyland is Live”

  1. A laurel and a hearty handshake to you, Harry… great web resource you’ve built here. A proper tribute to the round, lovable, occasionally disturbing mass of contradictions that is His Scrappiness.
    All together now, a round of “Scrappy’s Theme Song” — no, wait, I don’t remember it! All I seem to be channeling is Barney the Dinosaur’s theme (which as I recall is uncomfortably similar!).

  2. Greetings Harry….
    I’ve got an old Scrappy doll that needs to be redressed, but I have no clue as to what he wore. The feet and hands are molded, so no problem there. Got the pants with the two large buttons. No shirt, though. Anything in your archives showing a shirt? if so, what color? I’ll send you a photo when he’s properly attired, ok?
    Great to see The Scrap properly showcased! Jim

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