Voom’s Doom

Voom–the high-definition TV satellite service–is shutting down as of April 30th. It has only 40,000 customers, and has been on the verge of death for at least a couple of months now. But even with this news, Cablevision, the service’s parent company, says that it’s going to try to convince other TV systems to provide the Voom HDTV stations.

I’m bringing all this up because Voom’s Animania channel showed some rare Columbia cartoons, including Fox and Crows, early UPAs, and, best of all, the occasional Scrappy.

Coincidentally, April 30th is also the date of ASIFA-Hollywood’s Scrappyland event. So if you’re a cartoon-loving Voom subscriber, get yourself to Hollywood on that day, and we’ll show you some Scrappy cartoons and commiserate.

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