Does Opus Read Harry-Go-Round?

This should probably remain my little secret, but for years, one of the top three search terms that has led visitors to this site from Google and other search engines has been “Chilly Willy.” (It points people to this image in my gallery of home-movie boxes.) In a typical month, hundreds of Netizens arrive at my site in search of Chilly. (Or is it Willy?)

Anyhow, when reading a Jerry Beck post on Cartoon Brew, I was moved to surf over to Breathed’s site…where I ended up reading this Opus strip. I was appropriately amused, and about to move on to other matters, when I noticed that the last panel had a tiny image of…a Castle Films Chilly Willy box. A rather familiar looking one.

Breathed panel:


My Chilly image:


Mind you, I can’t say that that’s my image for sure, though it certainly looks like it. And even if it is the picture that’s on this site, I don’t feel proprietary about it. (In fact, it’s darned presumptuous of me to call it “my image,” given that I scanned and posted it without asking the folks who own Chilly.)

Actually, I’m such a fan of Breathed’s work that I’d be tickled if he–like so many other folks–happened to find the image of Chilly Willy he needed on my site. It sure beats fielding questions about stretch pants.

Oh, and what’s usually the top search term that gets people to Harry-Go-Round? I’m not saying, but it’s even less obvious

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