Scrappyland in Hollywood is Almost Here

When I founded Scrappyland, I never thought it would soon inspire an actual live event in Hollywood, produced with some help from Columbia and featuring restored Scrappy cartoons–including some shorts that nobody’s seen since the 1930s. But thanks to Jerry Beck and ASIFA-Hollywood, it’s happening, and the whole thing will take place in a little over a week.

I’ll be there, of course–along with some collectibles from my Scrappy archives. It should be…well, an event unlike anything that Hollywood has ever seen. Hope to see some of you there.


1 comment on “Scrappyland in Hollywood is Almost Here”

  1. I have seen the future, and it belongs to Oopy.
    Congratulations, Harry. I’ll have everyone know this was a great retrospective, with several great shorts I hadn’t seen before. RAILROAD WRETCH and FARE PLAY were especially good.

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