San Diego Wrap-Up

I continued to enjoy myself during the San Diego Con’s final two days, visiting with (among many others) Amid Amidi, Jerry Beck, Nick Cardy, Milt Gray, Matthew Hasson, Nick Hofmann, Andrew J. Lederer, Bob Miller, Jerry Robinson, and Brent Swanson. One panel highlight: Mark Evanier and Earl Kress’s interview with Gary Owens. He doesn’t just play a talented wacko on TV–he appears to be one in real life, too.

Odd moment: Having dinner at a restaurant near the convention center and sitting next to a man who we later learned was Kenny (R2D2) Baker.

My favorite con purchase was a J.C. Penney’s back-to-school sign featuring Scrappy and Margy.
(Note to Jerry and Amid: I negotiated the price down.)

Oh, and did I mention that one the most bizarre, unexpected, and (momentarily) unpleasant things that ever happened to me took place in my hotel room at about 12:45am on Sunday morning? Details to come. Probably. Some of you I’ve told about it already…

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  1. Later in the day, I walked by that booth with the Scrappy sign and saw that it was no longer there. Glad to hear that it was you who snagged it and not somebody else. — Amid

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