On Saturday at this year’s San Diego Con, I came dressed in a Scrappy T-shirt. No, they’re not selling them–though they certainly should. I was forced to make one myself with one of those iron-on transfers you can run through an inkjet printer.

It came out pretty well, and I got my fair share of both compliments and puzzled stares. (Wearing it also paid off when a cartoonist I ran into identified it as a Scrappy shirt and told me about the Scrappy sign for sale a few booths away.)

I also designed, but didn’t get around to producing, a shirt featuring Scrappy’s kid brother Oopy. For the sake of posterity, here’s the unseen design of the Oopy T-Shirt That Never Was. If the drawing, which I swiped from a publicity shot, isn’t by Dick Huemer, it’s a good imitation of his distinctive style. (The typography and coloring are by me.)

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