Do You Know This Boy?


At the San Diego Con, I picked up this vintage animation drawing–which was being sold under the pretenses of being from a Scrappy cartoon. It would appear to be of the same character as the one in this drawing recently sold on eBay as being of “Vonsey or Oopy.” (Vontzy and Oopy were actually the same character.)

This doesn’t look like the Oopy I know, but there are many, many Scrappy cartoons I haven’t seen. So I’m not saying it couldn’t be him–characters in Scrappy cartoons tended to morph from year to year, cartoon to cartoon, and scene to scene. Anyone out there have any opinion on who this is? Could it be some random supporting player from a Scrappy cartoon?

If it turns out to have nothing whatsoever to do with Scrappy, don’t feel bad for me–I bought it cheap, under the assumption that it probably isn’t from a Scrappy cartoon. But you never know…

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