Scrappyland 2.0


I’m pleased and relieved to report that I’ve finally finished a major update to Scrappyland, the leading Web site on the greatest cartoon character who almost everyone has forgotten.

I’m guessing that there’s something close to double the original content now–I’ve added information on the Scrappy magazine I mentioned here a few weeks back, areas on various Scrappy promotional activities, Mintz studio photos, more photos of Columbia child stars with Scrappy products, Scrappy theatrical posters, updates to existing areas, and last but definitely not least, a report on ASIFA-Hollywood’s Scrappyland event. Plus, I’m sure, some items I’m forgetting at the moment.

And I’m not done: I already have some Scrappy-related stuff on hand that didn’t make it into this update, and new and bizarre Scrappyana seems to pop up nearly every week. (The more time I spend on this project, the more I feel like an archeologist chipping my way into a lost world.)

In other words, Scrappyland 3.0 is bound to show up sooner or later…

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