The Return–Slowly But Surely–of Harry-Go-Round

When I celebrated Friz Freleng’s birthday here back in August, I really didn’t intend to go for close to three months without blogging. Actually, I’ve been blogging up a storm–I’ve just been doing it over at my PC World technology blog. But I’ve neglected this site–mostly because things have been busy at work–and feel bad about it.

I’m resolved to get things rolling again here, and in that spirit, I’ve been working on reviving my MessageCenter, which was crippled by spam earlier this year and has been altogether offline for months. I have a rough draft of a new version (powered by BBPress) up; it still needs some refinement, but feel free to check it out if you have a moment. I’ll report back here when it’s ready for an official grand opening.

And with that, I’m leaving the country on a business trip. But I’ll be baaaaaaack before long…

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