Kwik Change

I’m a li’l late getting these photos up–I took them on July 4th–but I’m fortunate enough to live near one of the dozen 7-Elevens that have been transformed into Kwik-E-Marts as part of a shameless but amusing publicity stunt for The Simpsons Movie.

I liked the standup figures of Springfield denizens and the Simpsons-related products for sale–especially the donuts with bright pink frosting and cartoony-looking sprinkles–but the verisimilitude of the Simps experience at the Mountain View location (around the corner, incidentally, from the Googleplex) was hobbled somewhat by the fact that there was such a long line of shoppers that there was a fifteen-minute wait just to get inside the place. (At least that was less time than I spent waiting to buy an iPhone the week before.) Many of the shoppers were buying Krusty-Os by the caseload; I kinda assumed they were headed for eBay, but I don’t see too many of them there. Surely the shoppers couldn’t be planning to eat them…

Two other notes on the whole experience:

1) I checked out the newsstand shown below for PC World, and didn’t see any copies. We may not get into Kwik-E-Marts, but at least it’s been definitively proven that PCW does in fact exist in the Simpsons universe.

2) One of my photos below is of a product that had nothing to do with the Simps promotion. There’s a fine line between 7-Eleven and Kwik-E-Mart even when the former hasn’t intentionally turned itself into the latter…

















3 thoughts on “Kwik Change”

  1. Hey! “The Bomb” burritos aren’t actually part of the Simpsons tie-in. With that goofy name you’d think they were, but they’re an independent brand I’ve seen here and there for years. Not too bad, either.

  2. The Bomb isn’t that crazy, in my opinion. When the white males aged 18 to 45 of our world finally *do* get Nuts and Gum (together at last!) onto the market, I’ll know something is horribly wrong with our capitalist system.

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