All Star Snaps

It’s been All-Star Game Week here in San Francisco, and I’ve partaken in a fair share of it–in part because AT&T Park is three blocks from where I work. Herewith, a few photographs I took…

The current Miss USA goes sashless to take a whack at the ball during a softball game on Sunday:


Also from Sunday, more MLB mascots than most of us would care to see in one place at one time:


…and some of the most loyal San Francisco fans there are, the nautical types who can’t even see the game from their seats outside the park, but who have an outside (get it?) chance at catching a home run:

The Goodyear Blimp, which has been a fixture above the PC World offices this week, sails past AT&T’s lights last night during the Home Run Derby:


The Say Hey Kid himself tonight, surrounded by All Stars (that’s Barry Bonds behind him):


The gent in the stands in a dark suit and blue tie is my mayor. (It’s an amazing time for technology when I can spot a celebrity in the crowd in a picture I took with a camera that fits in my pocket from a long, long way away–I was forty rows back on the other side of the field):


Call the rest of these photos Captionless All-Star Game Photos:




3 comments on “All Star Snaps”

  1. We’re going to be making AT&T Park one of our stops on our West Coast trip. Thank goodness Tracy likes baseball! We’re lucky that both the A’s and Giants will be in town at the same time, but I let my National League loyalty show (and you can guess how disappointed I was in the outcome of the All-Star Game… NL hasn’t won since ’95!) so we’re going to see the Giants, possibly the Wednesday game in the afternoon.

    So that will make four major league parks I’ve seen games in: Fenway, Shea, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia (great ballpark, lousy parking and traffic flow) and now AT&T. 26 to go and I’ll have the complete set!

    Goodness, I remember the days when the Giants had both Willie Mays AND Willie McCovey on their roster! Of course, I was excited when the Say Hey kid finished his career with the Mets, just to bring it back home one more time for the NY fans.

    Not too hard to pick out Mr. Met from that pic of all the mascots!

  2. Make that five – I saw the Marlins’ season opener vs. the Padres (with Mike Piazza making his Padres debut) last year at Dolphin Stadium.

  3. At least San Fransisco has AT&T Park for a ballpark, but in San Antonio, TX, location of AT&T’s HQ IIRC, they have the AT&T Center for the Spurs games and other major events. 😀

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