When in Madrid, Hang With Bugs and Daffy

I’m in Madrid for work, and if I were in town just a little bit longer, I might try to get to Parque Warner, which is–yup–an amusement park with a Warner Bros. theme. It’s got attractions devoted to Bugs Bunny, Pato Lucas (aka Daffy Duck), Abuelita (Tweety–does that mean he’s a girl over here?), and Tom and Jerry, as well as (I’m sorry to report) two separate ones inspired by Scooby-Doo.


I’m guessing that Parque Warner isn’t as entertaining as Parc Asterix–and by defininition, it’s not Madrid at its most Spanish. But I’m sorry I’ll miss it–if you know anything about it, like whether it’s the only Parque Warner on the planet, lemme know.

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  1. For the record, Tweety’s Spanish name (in Spain as well as Latin America) is Piolín; gender change, uncertain, but in both countries, he’s dubbed by a woman.

    Abuelita is Granny (“abuela” is Spanish for grandmother, and the “ita” is the diminutive).

    Other translations, all the same in all Spanish speaking countries as far as I can tell, but different voice actors:
    Elmer Gruñón (grouch): Elmer Fudd
    Correcaminos: The Roadrunner
    Sam Bigotes: Yosemite Sam
    Gallo Claudio: Foghorn Leghorn
    Quique Gavilán (or Gavilán Pollero): Henery Hawk

    You can see/hear the latter two in action on YouTube, from Madrid’s version of Cartoon Network:

  2. It’s fascinating to see Warner try pushing Scooby-Doo outside of North America — which, to the best of my knowledge, is Scooby’s one and only stronghold.
    When living in Denmark, I was witness as a WB Studio Store projected a mix of Looney Tunes and Scooby material on a huge mid-store screen. You could tell which was on the screen without looking… by watching the customers in the store. The presence of LT actively drew customers in. The presence of Scooby drove them out; no kidding!

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