A Lulu of an Exhibit


I don’t have any specific plans to get to Boston between now and March 29th–but if I do make my way there, I’ll sure make time for the Little Lulu show at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute. Radcliffe has the papers of Marge, Lulu’s talented creator, and the exhibit features some of her forgotten non-Lulu work, too. (I’m especially pleased to hear that; before Marge came up with Lulu, she was a sort of distaff John Held Jr., doing some wonderful prose-and-cartoons pieces about young women and their beaus.)

It isn’t taking anything away from Marge to point out that the writeup of the exhibit on the Radcliffe site’s claim that she was “the first woman cartoonist to achieve worldwide fame as well as commercial success” gives short shrift to a number of female artists, such as Grace Drayton, Rose O’Neill, and Gladys Parker. All of who I’d like to see get museum shows of their own…

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